Domain Authority: How it Affects The Positioning of Your Website

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One of the tools that any blogger that takes some time in this to have a blog should know is the famous PageRank, it was that tool that determined the importance of your web through a value and ran from 0 to 10, and that the higher Was, you better positioned in Google.

But my friend, PageRank went to a better life. Google decided a few months ago not to update it anymore and has been deprecated 🙁 then how do we find out the authority of our website ?, very easy, with some new metrics that have developed the guys from, Domain Authority and Authority the page.

What are the Authority of the page and the Authority of the domain

As I mentioned above, PA and DA, acronyms of Page Authority and Domain Authority, are two metrics developed by Moz, one of the most important companies worldwide in terms of web positioning, and based on a complex algorithm, calculates Such values that will determine the prestige, importance or credibility of a website. Based on these values will be better or positioned in Google.

To be specific, the Page Authority (PA) or Page Authority is a value that ranges from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best of the best, and indicates for the page of our domain the authority that has, taking into account the Quality and quantity of incoming links, domain age, optimization, content, etc.The Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Authority is the global value of the domain, including subdomains, and which, like the AP, ranges from 1 to 100.We also have the value of MozRank (mR), and it is what most would resemble the old Google PageRank. Its scale ranges from 1 to 10.

The higher these values are, the better we can position them in the search engine with respect to a page with lower PA and DA values.You have to take these metrics just to compare them with other websites, Google will never take them into account to the position you better, they are only a measurement of how good the website is, the quality of content, optimization, etc.As you see, many factors are taken into account to determine the value of these metrics, according to Moz the parameters used to calculate these values are 40.want to see your website authority there is so many bulk domain authority checker online where you can check mmultipledomain free of cost.

How to find out the authority of a website

  • To measure the authority of a web page we can do it in two different ways.
  • The first one is through the Open Site Explorer. Entering the URL of the web page will return the values corresponding to the AP and
  • DA, as well as the total number of backlinks or incoming links, as well as a lot of complementary information, such as anchor text or advanced analysis.
  • The second option is the one I recommend, install the MozBar extension available for the web browser:
  • If you use Chrome you can download the extension from here.
  • If you use Firefox you have it here.
  • Once installed and activated, if we are visiting a web page will automatically show us the values PA, DA, mR, and the number of incoming links.

For example in the case of Spain Wikipedia:

We see that it has a PA of 93, almost nothing and a DA of 100 (impossible to overcome: P). We also find that it has 157000 pages that have linked to Wikipedia and the mR (mozRank) approaches 7 out of 10.

Apart from all this information, if we click on the magnifying glass icon, it will show detailed information of the web, keywords used to position (H1, H2), bold, alternative texts, general attributes such as page load time , Location of the web, etc.

The second view mode is directly from the browser. Having the mozBar running if we do a Google search will show us the values for each result.

For example:

This is tremendously useful for analyzing our competition 😉

How to increase BP and AD

  • To increase the authority of our website, we must know that it will be easier to go from 20 to 30 than from 70 to 80. Very few sites have the honor of having a DA of 100, important portals such as Facebook, Youtube or Wikipedia Are the ones that have reached those values, hence the importance of getting dofollow links (transfer authority to your site) from this type of web pages.
  • Increasing DA and PA is not done overnight, it is a constant work done on the blog, publishing quality content, sharing in social networks and generating audience.
  • It will increase especially if you get links to your dofollow type website. It can take months to upload a few points, in addition, the algorithm is updated every 30 or 45 days approximately.

To improve the PA and DA values I recommend the following:

  • It generates unique quality content that has value, articles that stand out against the competition, easy to read and well formatted. Surely you have much to contribute to your readers.
  • Create links with your readers and sure that some blogger links your article (+1 incoming link). The more quality links, the more authority will increase.
  • Be active in social networks. Do not forget the power of these social tools, share your articles and participate in conversations. Make your posts move and spread.
  • Remember this, more worth QUALITY than quantity in the number of incoming links.

What conclusions can I draw from the MozBar?

Well several interesting things:

  • You can analyze your competition. Comparing these metrics with those of your blog you will know if you can or not position yourself better for certain keywords.
  • See why keywords are positioning, both on the home page and on individual pages.
  • View the incoming links or backlinks we are receiving.
  • Discover incoming links from other websites with the dofollow attribute.
  • Analyze how your blog is going. If it is increasing for each update is that you are doing a good job. Get happy!.

I hope it has been a little clearer as to measure the authority of a website. Now you know that to increase it you have to work hard, and do not despair, you will never reach a value of 100, but a 50 or 60 with years of work can be achieved 😉


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