The 10 Steps of the Korean Beauty Routine for Radiant Skin

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Do you know that Korean women have more beautiful skin than Western women? Including the French females, consecrated as the queens of the ‘beauté’. And is that Korean cosmetics is distinguished by its commitment to products made with natural ingredients, its search for a fresh and aesthetic look, with a ‘naked’ look that allows you to see radiant skin. With very competitive prices, and packagings and fun packs, children’s aesthetic, full of winks to comics and cartoons, Korean cosmetics is becoming an undisputed place in the national panorama.

Surely you are ready to know some of her keys to beauty, that while they do not guarantee an impeccable skin, here the genetics count, if you are assured of a healthier and more beautiful skin. From Konjac sponge, a ‘must have’ of beauty, to the celebrated brand Suiskin, which has just landed in our country, undoubtedly, Korean women, known for their healthy and luminous skin, are an example to follow.

For those interested in living in Barcelona, ​​Miin Cosmetics, a store dedicated exclusively to this type of products. In Madrid: Wangbii in the street Fuencarral and also the official headquarters of Skin79 in the street Hermosilla. And for those who are not even in those cities, do not think about visiting them, go to one of the perfumeries of the Primor chain, there you will find products from brands such as Laneige, The Face Shop, Holika Holika, Etude House, Tony Moly, SkinFood or Missha.

Korean leather, porcelain skin in 10 steps

This regime has become a trend for Western women who aspire to the luminous appearance of the Koreans. If you follow this routine every night you can aspire to have an enviable skin.

Step 1. Remove makeup and dirt from the face using a towel moistened with liquid make-up remover. Then you should remove the bacteria and sebum of the day using an oil-based facial cleanser and warm water.

Step 2. Re-clean now with a foam or light cream. Apply it in small circles and never rub.

Step 3. Remove dead cells. If it is done with a very soft product can be performed every night, if not every 2 or 3 nights. Insist on problem areas such as the pores of cheeks and temples and nose to avoid blackheads.

Step 4. Tone to remove any remaining residue despite the previous three steps and restore the natural balance of the skin. In Korea, tonics are called softening fluids.

Step 5. Apply the essence, the most important step of Korean beauty that has led to the creation of a new sector of products for face cleaning. It is the product that is responsible for enhancing and assisting in the process of cell renewal. This liquid enriched with numerous actives, increases the elasticity and the firmness of the skin.

Step 6. Application of the treatment called Ampoule, a condensed liquid rich in a vitamin cocktail that repairs the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Step 7. Masks. To use at least 2 or 3 times a week. On the nights that you do not wear, it includes a mini facial massage of 5 minutes – you can do it with the roller – to stimulate the circulation and to make the later products penetrate in depth.

He passed. 8 Eye Contour Cream that reduces bags, dark circles, and wrinkles on crow’s feet. The cream is applied with small strokes of the fingertips, without stretching the skin.

Step 9. After so much cleansing, rehydrate the skin with a light cream. Use your fingertips to massage the product on your face and promote circulation. It is also important to hydrate the neck and décolleté.

Step 10. Apply the sleeping pack an intense cream that is used once or twice a week. It is an occlusive cream that acts as a stopper that prevents the skin from losing its inner moisture at night.

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