Improve WiFi coverage at home

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Today most of us have Internet connection at home, and of course, different devices that we want to have connected to use them with total freedom and to enjoy them to the maximum while we rest in the sofa, while we eat or while we relax in our bedroom.

Although most homes today are not too large, sometimes the WiFi signal fails us and we can not use our devices normally, we notice low speed or that the applications do not work as they should.

Main Factors Affecting WiFi
If we notice the problems in the areas that are further away from the router, it will certainly be subject to the distance to this causing the interference. In this case the solution would be to change the place router if possible or expand and improve the wifi signal through another more powerful router or PLC’s.

If a room is a safe distance from the router, we should not have problems, so the cause is usually external interference, such as internet radio signals, other WiFi networks, baby intercoms, etc. For example, cordless phones are really problematic, especially when they are in use.

The best places to place our router at home
The antennas that include by default the routers are omnidirectional, that is, they send the equal signal in all the directions. Therefore, ideally, the router should be “centered” on our home. Height is also important, the higher the better.

Evitaremos ponerlo en el suelo, dentro de armarios o muebles o en falsos techos. Cuanto más liberado se encuentre de obstáculos, mejor, entendiendo por obstáculos elementos tipo paredes, muebles, ventanas etc. Además, es importante que las antenas externas estén siempre en un ángulo de 90 grados respecto al suelo y nunca tumbadas o plegadas.

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